Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Proposed Deerfield Village center in Greene County Faces Resistance

Greene county is growing at a very rapid rate with both commercial (Wal-Mart Super Center) and new subdivisions on both sides of Route 29.

Another developer has stepped up to propose Deerfield Village, a commercial development as well as 127 village homes. Residents met and voiced opposition to the village homes. Now the developer has added items to his proffer to make it more attractive to the residents as well as Greene County.

Read more in this article "Concerns raised over proposed Center", from Greene-News.com:

In my opinion, it is fine to grow but you must be cognizant of growth, such as schools, roads, traffic and more. Growth is imminent, but we must plan very carefully. Once all our land is gone to development, our rural areas and beautiful towns will never be the same. So growth with caution and planning should be our motto.

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