Wednesday, August 8, 2007

New Big Box Shopping Center Coming To Charlottesville?

More shopping may be coming near the downtown area of Charlottesville, close to the Holiday Inn South.

In my opinion this shopping center is very much needed and is in a great location, just off the interstate. Development is rapidly advancing on this side of town, and once Biscuit Run is built, it will be a popular shopping center, used by many of the residents nearby.

It will be great to have a Home Depot, another source for home improvement products, along with Lowes on Route 29.

Personally, I wish a Costco would come to Charlottesville!

I agree with the Planning Commission that we need this development. Placing too many constraints may force them to choose anoother location. The stores and developers need to make a profit as well. If half of the store isn't used, they will not prosper. This is Charlottesville, not northern Virginia, nor Manhatten, so let's keep things in perspective.

Welcome to our latest, greatest shopping center.

Please developers, leave us some trees as well.

Read more in this article from the "Cville Weekly":

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