Monday, August 13, 2007

Biscuit Run Is Getting Closer To Becoming A Reality

Biscuit Run, the largest development ever proposed in Albemarle County, is closer to happening. I believe the county and developers are working hard to make it a win-win for both sides. I am 100% for Biscuit Run; it sounds fabulous and I may move there in a few years myself. This community and its developer, Hunter Craig, has certainly taken our community to the next level. I am not a listing agent, nor in any way involved in this community. It has so much to offer for everyone, regardless of their wish list, that it appears to meet everyone's needs.

I realize they will have to do something with the traffic issue, and it appears they are working on that as well.

Read more about Biscuit Run in this "Daily Progress" article from last week:

Read more details about the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors' recent meeting where they discussed the Biscuit Run Development in this blog post at CharlottesvilleTomorrow:

Patience and persistence is sometimes what it takes to bring the right communities to our area. What are your thoughts on Biscuit Run? Please post a comment.


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