Friday, August 10, 2007

Albemarle County Is Getting "Greener" & Saving Money! Well Done!

Albemarle County will probably be used as an example for other counties in the future with their innovative "green roof" on the county office building.

A green roof system is an extension of the existing roof which utilizes a root repellant system and high quality water proofing, a filter cloth, drainage system, and a light-weight growing medium, as well as plants.

Saving $'s, keeping the building cooler, and experimenting seems to be working. The roof was paid for by grant money, so it's a win-win in every direction... without using tax payers' funds.

It's great to be an example for the future! I love that Charlottesville puts "being green" as a priority.

Read more from NBC29's article "Albemarle's Green Roof Two Years Later":

Here are more photos of green roofs around the world:

Here's a video I found about green roofs:

Read more about them at this web site "Green Roofs For Healthy Cities":

Where else could we use more "green" in our area? Please post a comment with your ideas.


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