Friday, August 3, 2007

Advance Mills Temporary Bridge To Be Built

Earlysville residents and others will certainly welcome the addition of a temporary bridge. This will relieve the stress of having to go miles out of the way to get to their residences and work places. Instead of installing a new bridge which would mean waiting years, the temporary bridge will be installed in 6 months.

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I'm sure all of us are concerned about bridges considering the fatal tragedy in Minnesota. Here's a memorial video from YouTube:

Click this link to view a video from CNN that shows the bridge collapsing:

The bridge that collapsed in Minnesota was a deck steel truss bridge. Virginia has a total of 12,742 bridges, and of those 2,862 (22%) have been deemed "deficient or obsolete" by officials (most of these were in northern Virginia).

Here's an article from CNN:

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