Friday, July 11, 2008

2008 Mid-Year Market Report Released Today

Dave Phillips, the CEO of the Charlottesville Association of Realtors, posted the 2008 Mid-Year Market Report on his blog today. I thought you’d like to see it. Forget reports on TV, radio, and other national news, this is local and here’s local statistics:


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kwsulton said...

Hey Karen!

Fun seeing the President, huh? I was up a couple of rows from you--no, not bragging. Luckily it was a little overcast or I think we would've liquified!

We found the hecklers a little amusing. Seems that with a lame duck president their time might be more proactively spent helping Barack rather than voicing for impeachment. But neither here nor there.

The naturalization, and welcoming of new citizens, was touching and really reminded me that we are in a huge melting pot--or is it salad bowl--of different beliefs and backgrounds, and that is the strength of America.

Nice blog. LOTS of links, great content, and pictures, too! You are inspiring me to try and blog regularly.

A thousand thanks. See you out in the marketplace!

Fulton Gaylord