Thursday, January 10, 2008

Affordable Housing In Albemarle County

Affordable housing... yes, we need it in Albemarle County instead of everyone moving to Lake Monticello. Thanks Albemarle County and others for assisting with this critical issue!

Read more in this article I found on NBC29 HomePlace 12/17/07:

Affordable Housing Dream Realized in Albemarle County

It took three years, but Albemarle County is now celebrating some new housing. The first homes built to a new policy requiring affordable housing are done and families have moved in.

In 2004, the board of supervisors approved a policy requiring 15 percent of all new development to meet affordable housing guidelines. The Avon Park Townhomes sold for $175,000.

C & F Mortgage's Bill Hamrick says there's hope for first time homebuyers. "Never think that you can't buy a house," he said. "I was amazed once I got into this just how much money there is out there."

More than 1,000 affordable housing units are in the works for the community.


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