Monday, November 12, 2007

Slopes & Subdivisions

In September the Albemarle County Planning Commission unanimously endorsed two new policies.

The first bans the construction of septic systems and driveways on hills with slopes of 25% of more.

The second affects the county's family subdivision ordinance, stating a family must hold a property for at least 15 years, (at least 5 years after the property subdivision).

Read more about these changes in this 9/12/07 article from

Some agreed these policies were good for Albemarle, because they are concerned about damage to watersheds and the costs required to maintain an adequate water supply.

Others disagreed, as they wanted to protect personal property rights.

A few weeks later, on 10/10/07, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors could not agree to either approve or deny these changes. They tied with a 3-3 vote. So back to square one.

Read more about the BOS vote in this article from

Changes in county planning can affect all of us. What are your thoughts on these rural area policies?


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