Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Last Night The Planning Commission Said No To NGIC Developer

Last night the Albemarle Planning Commission unanimously decided that a developer who owns property near the National Ground Intelligence Center in Albemarle should not be allowed to add land into the county’s designated growth area.

This could jeopardize the expansion of NGIC. Army officials had planned to bring 820 new jobs to our area by 2011, with the addition of a $60 million facility.

It is now up to the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors to make the final decision. They will take up this issue, and work on the Places29 plan.

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Do you think the Albemarle County Planning Commission should have decided for or against the NGIC expansion project? Please post a comment.



David said...

I was unclear from the article. Is the NGIC expansion off if the county kills the developer's request to add his property to the growth area? If so, I think the county made a huge mistake. NGIC will be one of our top 5 employers after the expansion and we had better not blow that deal. Good, clean, high paying jobs are hard to come by.

Karen J. Kehoe said...


I'm 100% behind you the county needs to be cooperative with NGIC, and indeed they will be one of the largest employers if they expand.
They are the type of industry we want in Albemarle County, one that will be supportive in every single way.

It's politics for sure, and Albemarle County residents like you and I need to speak up. Unfortunately I couldn't attend the meeting. Hopefully others are speaking out.

I live in the Hollymead/Forest Lakes area and welcome development.