Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cville Named #6 In "Best Green Places" 2007

Another kudo for Charlottesville! Wow! #6 for "Best Green Places"!

We are always ahead of other towns of the same size. Helping the environment is critical to us, and I am pleased that some builders in town are on the edge of building with green environmentally-friendly products. Read more in this article from the Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce newsletter:

Charlottesville Among Best Green Cities

Country Home magazine, in conjunction with Sperling's
BestPlaces, reveals that Burlington, Vermont is the 2007 Best Green Place to
live in America, and named Charlottesville sixth in the nation. "We are seeing a
real interest, by both our readers and the marketplace, in exploring a green
lifestyle," said Editor-in-Chief Carol Sheehan. "We wanted to find out who in
America is actually taking action, where they are, and what they are doing." The
Best Green Places study, which is based on data discovered by Sperling's
BestPlaces, examines 24 data metrics in 5 major categories -- including air and
watershed quality, mass transit usage, power usage, farmers markets, organic
producers, and number of green-certified buildings -- to determine which metro
areas are the best places to live a green life. Sperling's BestPlaces ranked the
379 major metropolitan areas, as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau. Over 80
percent of all U.S. residents live in these 379 metro areas. Data was collected
from sources which include the Census Bureau, the U.S. Green Building Council,
Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department
of Agriculture, the GreenPeople.org online directory.

"The Charlottesville community puts a value on trees, parks, greenspace,
streams and biodiversity. In an effort to balance the natural and built
environment and practice sustainability, Charlottesville encourages the use of
green roofs, rainwater harvesting, porous paving and rain gardens. These
concepts are being demonstrated by the city to encourage adoption in parks and
public spaces," the magazine wrote.

Here's the article at CountryHome.com:

Here's the link to the top 100 list of Best Green Cities at CountryHome.com:

It's great sharing happy news on this sad day of remembrance.


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