Thursday, August 16, 2007

New UVA Emergency Alert System

Over 6,400 people have signed up for the University of Virginia emergency notifications, their new alert system.

Read more at WRIC's web site (Channel 8, ABC in Richmond):

The Virginia Tech tragedy is so sad. But we all learn and now we'll have better systems in place in our own backyard. I think text messaging is a great way to communicate emergencies to students, faculty, and everyone.

I subscribe via email to "Emergency Emails" through the Emergency Email and Wireless Network, a free public service, that notifies you of emergencies via email, cell phones or pagers, through local, regional and national government resources. I get instant alerts of severe weather, nationwide recalls, health crisis warnings, increased terror warning levels, and more. This web site for me personally has been a huge bonus. I love the severe storm warnings, so if they're calling for hail I have time to move my car so it's under cover. I also love the snow and ice warnings. I pass important warnings onto my friends and colleagues as well. It's easy to subscribe and free, here's their web site:

I hope you find this helpful. I will add this site to my "Helpful Links" on the left side so you can find it easily in the future. We can all help each other stay safe.

If there are any other web sites you know about that would be helpful to others, please post a comment with the internet address. Or if you'd like me to try to find a site for you, I'll be glad to research it and post as well. Thanks!


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