Monday, August 20, 2007

Customer Service-5 National Companies That Excel

I believe providing excellent customer service is paramount in running a successful business.

Click this link to learn about five national companies that excel in customer service, in this article from

In my opinion, one of the best local companies in terms of customer service is Bonefish Grill restaurant, in Hollymead, north of Charlottesville. They make you feel like a queen or king for the day. The food, service and the entire restaurant excel. The manager personally comes to your table and really wants to know about your food and experience.

Another great local restaurant for customer service is the stand-alone Chick-Fil-A near Lowe's in Charlottesville. If the drive-thru line gets too long, the managers come outside and take orders at your car using cell phones. Once someone in our office got the wrong order, and the manager personally drove to our office to deliver the correct items!

Unfortunately I can point fingers at several restaurants in town that do not follow this same philosophy, and therefore I choose not to frequent them anymore.

I guarantee satisfaction at my real estate company, RE/MAX Excellence, to all of our clients. You reserve the right to fire us if you are unhappy with our services (I'm sure you won't, but you always have the right to).

What do you think I could personally do better for you as a realtor?

What do you think the profession of realtors, in general, could do for you, to improve customer service?

I think the most important thing the public expects from those that serve them, is communication. Email has certainly assisted us in communicating better, more thoroughly, and more often.

Please post a comment to share with me and everyone. I'd love to know which local companies you feel put the customer as number one and provide incredible service. Let's spread the word and bring more business to those who deserve it!



Hostech said...
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SuzanneFord said...

A local property management company has a philosophy of the customer/homeowner is always wrong and that they have no duty to be polite or friendly to the people who will decide whether or not to keep them on as a management company. This is a great way to get a bad reputation and lose contracts, I don't recommend it to other companies.

Karen J. Kehoe said...

Hi Suzanne, thanks for posting!

Good customer service is imperative. If you're not getting good service call me and I can recommend another vendor for property management.

I personally assist renters, even though I do not specialize in rentals.

But I believe good customer service comes back to you in many ways. I guarantee my services for this reason.