Thursday, June 28, 2007

Charlottesville expecting major price reductions in town...

Charlottesville is not one of the cities mentioned in this article from

...but yes we are experiencing major price reductions in town, but also keep in mind homes are selling. When we as realtors see no activity in sales is when our red flags go up.

Pricing is key in selling your home, and I agree it's a buyers market.

If you'd like a C.M.A. (competitive market analysis free of charge) for your home, via email please email me ( or call me (434) 980-2860.

It's not doomsday in Charlottesville and surrounding counties, so let's be positive, fresh and know that homes will sell if priced correctly. The higher end homes are taking the bigger hits for sure, but the majority of home buyers and sellers can make a transition.

Don't forget Lake Monticello still has a home, not a townhome, for under $180,000.

Does anyone have any comments on the real estate market, pricing, or just how great Cville and the surrounding counties are?

In my mind, even though we have lost a few notches in ratings due to our salaries and the cost of living, we are still #1!


Duane said...

Charlottesville isn't mentioned in the article.

Karen J. Kehoe said...

Hi Duane, thanks for posting! It's great to hear from you!

I mentioned at the beginning of my post that Charlottesville isn't mentioned in the article that I linked to. I truly apologize for causing any confusion.

I posted the link to that article, because it made me think about the Charlottesville market, and how we are also experiencing major price reductions here as well.

Thanks again for posting! Have a great day! Please post again if you have any other questions or comments. I look forward to hearing from you again.